Most Plastic Tray Manufacturers Aren’t Willing To Do This — But We Are

There are numerous options on the market if you’re looking for plastic trays, but most follow the same customer service rules. If you’re looking for a company that bucks the standards to create more trust between staff and customers, Ready-Made Plastic Trays invites you to learn more about how we do things differently than other plastic tray manufacturers.

Transparent Pricing, Easy Ordering

Ready-Made Plastic Trays displays the prices of our plastic trays prominently on our website, which makes for no-nonsense ordering. Once you know the dimensions of the product and how you want to protect it, simply check out our catalog. Every page tells you the diameter, depth, thickness, and material of the tray in question. You'll also see how many trays come in a case, information on the lid that fits the tray, as well as the industries it's made for. Ready Made's products are designed to fit compliance standards across different sectors, and we're confident that our products can pass muster.

Why This Is Different

If you visit the site of a plastic tray manufacturer, the standard is to poke around on the different pages to see what they offer. If you spot a tray that looks right for the product you’re trying to ship, you might see an Order Now button to click on. When you do click on it, though, you’re then asked to call for more information. This may seem understandable to the consumer on the face of it, even necessary depending on the fragility of the item.

However, most of the time, this process is done to confuse pricing standards. How can you easily shop around if you’re forced to call 10 different companies and run them through the same request? In addition, it’s a somewhat sneaky practice. Instead of stating upfront that you’ll only get answers during business hours, you only find out once you’re already mentally invested in a specific product.

The very time it takes can leave you exhausted by the second or third packaging tray manufacturer, and what’s more, you might not even get a straight answer from the company. At Ready-Made Plastic Trays, we work with business professionals in the medical, automotive, aerospace, and food/beverage industries (just to name a few). We know that very few staff members have unlimited resources before deciding between thermoformed plastic tray manufacturers.

Fair Purchasing Standards

At Ready-Made Plastic Trays, our staff knows that not all orders will fit under our standard offerings. Whether you’re a straight product from our catalog or custom-made plastic trays, you can expect a simple ordering process:

  • Samples: There’s no need to pay for samples when you order thermoformed plastic trays. Simply request one. We’ll send two pieces of the part number, as well as one fitted lid. The products are free, and so is the ground shipping.
  • Payment: We take all major credit cards, and we make it simple to pay directly from a bank account.
  • Quantity: If you’re ordering a standard model from our site, there is no minimum size requirement. If you’d like a portion of a case, Ready-Made Plastic Trays can also provide a small discount. We also offer discounted prices for bulk order options on all part numbers. If you’re ordering custom, the minimum is 1,000 trays.
  • Returns, exchanges, and cancellations: For canceled orders, the restocking fee is 25%. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to the nature of our products.
  • Customer service: For standard orders, we won’t make you guess about what you’ll pay. However, for custom tray requests, we will need to see what you’re looking for. When you call us at 1-800-526-7358, you can explain the situation, and we’ll work to find a solution.
  • Purchase orders: We accept purchase orders, just email to submit.

Contacting Ready-Made Plastic Trays

Most plastic tray suppliers make similar promises, but at Ready-Made, we're much more concerned with how we follow through on those promises. If you're looking for a company that can work with you, whether you call us or not, we're at your service. Submit an order today or contact our staff to run us through your individual needs.

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