These Industries Benefit Most From Thermoform Packaging Solutions

Thermoform packaging solutions, such as plastic trays, should always be carefully designed to accommodate the needs of industry-specific parts and products. Here are a few examples of the industries that count on thermoformed packaging trays for moving products through the supply chain, and how the right tray features help them get the job done.

Industries That Count on Thermoform Packaging Trays For Shipping:


Medical device components, vials, syringes, and surgical implements must be shipped in secure, clean containers that will remain free of contaminants and impervious to moisture. The sensitive instruments that go into these devices will be counted on to save lives, and it’s imperative that they arrive in optimal condition. Durable, carefully fitted thermoform packaging trays protect components, kits, and flawlessly polished metal parts from impacts, liquids, and jostling in transit.


Dental products such as abutments, dentures, implants, and orthodontics are unique in shape and may require careful custom considerations in packaging as they’re shipped through the supply chain. The cost-efficient and rapid customization capabilities of the thermoform tooling process make this an ideal method for shipping delicate and distinctive parts and products. They’re also simple to clean, disinfect, and sterilize as needed. Mechanical dental device components are sensitive, too, and demand reliable, durable packaging that will prevent damage or alteration of your items.


Thermoformed tray pockets can be easily designed to hold delicate and complex optical components with safe clearance areas for the most fragile sections of the part (such as lens faces). A cavity that’s been custom designed to contact only specific locations of the part avoids scratches or alignment disruptions during the transportation of carefully designed and calibrated optic devices. This is a very common reason that optics manufacturers will turn to thermoform packaging solutions over less customizable and precisely fitted containers.

Food and Beverage

With many types of thermoplastics available for selection, it’s easy to choose FDA approved materials for food-grade thermoform product trays in the food and beverage space. Ship everything from industrial kitchen equipment components to utensils, small jars, or caps with confidence. Thermoform packaging can be made nestable and stackable with indented lids for simplified shipping both on the way to the plant and after loading with your food and beverage products. Opt for clear trays to see products better through the packaging and ensure freshness and/or freedom from contamination at a glance.


Automotive manufacturers rely on plastic thermoformed packaging to ship everything from mechanical fasteners to gears, shafts, small and complex engine components, and device assembly kits through the supply chain. A rigid and durable thermoplastic tray can be customized with convenient repositories that will collect oil and grease drips beneath parts in transit without leaking through boxes.


Thermoformed trays are among the most commonly used packaging and storage solutions in the manufacturing industry. As a reliable, efficient, and secure solution, thermoplastic trays help to reduce storage space requirements and improve organization while amassing orders and transporting them to suppliers and OEMs. They’re also a sustainable, recyclable solution for today’s environmentally conscious manufacturing organizations.


Aerospace parts are held to a high standard of precision. Thermoform packaging allows you to ensure an accurate custom fit for parts meeting exacting specifications that simply can’t be achieved with other packaging solutions. Use thermoplastic trays to safely and securely ship everything from aviation-related circuitry to turbine blades and other precision metal components in neatly organized tray kits for assembly.


Electrostatic discharges can be destructive to sensitive electronics and circuit boards during shipping. ESD protection trays use special conductive or anti-static thermoplastic polymers to diffuse static charges and protect the integrity of complex electronic components during packaging, shipping, and storage. Opt for clear trays to easily identify components without opening your packaging or risking damage from unnecessary handling.

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